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Title: Horthy - Battle Cruiser Novara
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Esseö, Elisabeth (Erzsébet) von.  1916.

・M・VON・HORTHY・KOM・S・M・S・NOVARA・ (Miklós von Horthy, commander of SMS Novara).  Cast yellow bronze, 38.0 mm; 19.4 g; vorzüglich (extra-fine), slightly worn surface.  Scarce.

Obverse: head-and-neck profile portrait to left, dolphin below; artist's monogram, encircled, ligatured ƎE to right; title legend around rim; pearled border. 

Reverse: battle cruiser, full front, firing to left, above waves, legend ・ANO・D・ - MCMXVI・ (anno domini - 1916) top edge; pearled border.

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Commemorates Horthy's command of the light cruiser SMS Novara in the Battle of the Strait of Otranto, the largest battle of the war in the Adriatic and a victory for the Austro-Hungarian naval forces.  Following the First World War, Horthy became regent of Hungary, serving until the German occupation of Hungary in 1944.