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Title: Warhorse
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Wilhelm Hejda.  1916.

KRIEGSPFERD (Warhorse).  Struck(?) zinc, 62.48 x 89.52 mm, 152.4 g.  Vorzüglich+ (extremely fine+), without corrosion "zinc-disease" as often seen on zinc medals.
Obverse: Two harnessed horses to left, in foreground one shies in alarm; beside, the second on its back kicking; behind both violent shell-burst hurls shrapnel and stones in all directions; inscription with date, title, artist's signature in continuous band in exergue: 1916APRIL𐅭KREIGSPFERD𐅭WILHHEJDA; upper right corner square enclosing interlocked letters KKB.  Reverse: within pearled inner border six-lined inscription  ROTES KREUZ / KRIEGS- / HILFSBÜRO / KRIEGS- / FÜRSORGEAMT / 1914 - 1916 (Red Cross; War Assistance Office; War Welfare Office); ligatured PU(?) lower right.

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One of a series of donation plaquettes for the three relief organizations, all with the same pattern on reverse but with different obverses.   Among the few medallic representations (cf: Ludwig Gies) of the hazardous plight of horses - the main form of transport - in all armies of the time.