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Title: Phagan, Patricia. The Art of Devastation.
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The Art of Devastation: Medals and Posters of the Great War.  2017
Phagan, Partrica, and Peter van Allen, eds.    American Numismatic Society.  354 pp.  $75.00.

This book should be used as an adjunct to Europas Verderben (see my previous post).  Though the text is in English, it is nowhere as complete that work, and its emphasis is different: representative medals (and posters) of the USA, European Allied nations, and Germany (with one Austro-Hungarian example).  Nevertheless, many outstanding German medals are illustrated and described, and it includes two important essays by Bernhard Weisser of the Münzkabinett of the Berlin State Museums and Thomas Hockenhull of the British Museum.  Dr Weisser is at the research forefront of German medals of this period, and this essay is to my knowledge the only one of his publications in English.  Readers less familiar with Allied medals will also gain new appreciation by the inclusion of some handsomely designed Italian and French medals equal in every way to better-known German work.  Several of the images in this book (particularly  Walther Eberbach's medals) are poorly photographed, and the book production is of lesser quality, with only a glued binding, but this important book also deserves a place in any research collection of this period.

This book is readily available from Amazon or a number of other USA sources.
Title: Re: Phagan, Patricia. The Art of Devastation.
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There is an online "museum" of the same name, not sure if they're related or not: (