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Title: Harald Möller Auktion 62
Post by: Henry Scott Goodman on April 27, 2013, 01:05:15 PM
Everyone should take a look at the current Harald Möller Auktion 62 hard copy catalog or e-copy at (

The reason I point this auction out is to show a company that maintains relationship integrity between themselves and the collector base. 

Case in point;  This auction has 40+ 36mm struck silver Karl Goetz medals.  Nothing surprising there but when you note that every single piece has the requisite Bavarian Mint's edge-stamps, e.g. BAYERN HAUPTMÜNZAMT., you know you are seeing medals struck by orders made from Karl Goetz and not restrikes struck at a later date, probably long after Karl's death in 1950, by a private mint and ordered by Guido Goetz.

I've been told by a number of Goetz dealers that it shouldn't matter if the medals were sanctioned by Karl or Guido because they were made from the same dies and hubs. I obviously disagree since you can keep the collector ignorant by not explaining the difference to them and, therefore, collectors will happily buy a 'variety' without an edge-stamp assuming the dealers are selling them material created temporally to Karl.  This happens all the time and when I, or others, have questioned dealers about these examples we are stone-walled or completely ignored.

Take a look around the web and you can easily find dealers knowingly selling non-stamped examples as Karl's, and at Karl prices!  This used to be the exception but now has become the rule over the past three years.  If you're collection or collection strategy includes 36mm silver (more about other metal compositions soon) Goetz material then you want to make sure they contain the mint's edge-stamp.

Boycott continued purchase of these 'impaired' examples and put your money toward dealers who treat you with respect and maintain a high level of integrity...yes, there are still some 'white hats' out there. Harald Möller is one of them,  rest assured you can safely buy from him.
Title: Re: Harald Möller Auktion 62
Post by: Bill on April 27, 2013, 03:13:41 PM
I can only comment from the point of view of so-called dollar collectors. The hobby was fairly free from copies for quite some time, but modern restrikes and modern copies are now beginning to appear. In some cases, restrikes are made from original dies (we know this is being done as knowledgeable collectors have seen the dies prior to them being used) and new metal varieties. As a group, we have been tracking these pieces down and documenting them for future catalogs. I have seen high prices for restrikes because they were made in "unlisted" metals. In another case, someone restruck medals from 1915. We know they are restrikes because it is virtually impossible to reproduce the patinas of 1915 today. The restrikes "look" like modern medals when placed side-by-side with an original. But, it takes experience to see it and many nice pieces are sitting in collections only to be discovered in the future that they are not originals.

There is a big difference between an original medal and a modern restrike. I have no problem with the modern productions as long as they are marked as such in a way that cannot be removed without damaging the piece. It can be done and it is the only honest way to market such pieces in my opinion.