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Title: In Treue fest - Korneuburg
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Pál Patzó (Hungarian Patzó Pál).  1915. 

IN / TREUE / FEST / 1915 (in loyalty steadfast).  Cast bronze, 70 x 40 mm, 80.40 g.  Gussfrisch (as cast), minimal casting detritus reverse left edge.

Obverse: On ground-line, warrior in full Gothic-style armor to left, sword in right hand across body, point to ground; four-line title inscription left center in front of image; artist's signature PATZO upper right corner; in raised exergue formed by ground-line globe at center showing Europe in smoke to left and right; scale-pattern decorative panels left and right exergue; raised rim. 

Reverse: City arms of Korneuburg raised relief upper two-thirds field; scaled decorative panels right and left of lower shield; in exergue four-line inscription KORNEUBURGS KRIEGERN / ZU EHR UND GEDACHTNIS / DEREN WITWEN UND WAİSEN / ZUR WOHLFAHRT. (to the honor and memory of Korneuburg's warriors; for the welfare of their widows and orphans).

Cf: Schulman.  1916.  La Guerre Européenne, Catalogue LXV, p. 121: no. 233 ("Wehrmann im Eisen" - iron example).

Cf: Huszár, Lajos, and Béla Procopius. 1932.  Medaillen- und Plakettenkunst in Ungarn, p. 317: no. 3806 (bronze example).

Huszár/Procopius (p. 317) records productions figures: 10 examples in silver, 200 examples in bronze, 200 examples in tombak (brass).  Examples are also known in iron (e.g. Schulman, p. 121).

Plaquette commemorates the nail-figure (Kriegsnagelung) in the Austrian town of Korneuburg, one of many such wooden figures set up in German-speaking communities to solicit war donations, often benefiting war charity work.  For each modest donation, an iron nail was hammered into the figure, which eventually became encrusted with metal.  These plaquettes may have been offered to more generous donors.  A number of these nail-figures have been preserved in German museums, including that of Korneuburg.