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Title: War orphans fund
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Richard Adolf Zutt.  1915.

A- / HAD - SEG —— ÉLY - EZŐ / HIV - ATA —— L∙∙∙ - AZ-- / ÁRV - ÁKN —— AK∙∙ - 1915 (A Hadsegélyező Hivatal az Árváknak = War Welfare Office for Orphans 1915).  Cast bronze, 68.6 mm, 93.75 g.  Fast grussfrisch (near as-cast).

Obverse: Winged, classically robed, kneeling angel to right, enfolds two naked boys, their backs to viewer, in a pleated cloth; in front of these figures, a kneeling, partly draped young girl to left, her braided hair cascading over her face; engraved artist's signature ・OPVS・ZVTT・ along upper edge; field deeply concave within gradually rising rim; figures in high relief. 

Reverse: At center, stylized national arms of Hungary, surmounted by three cherub heads left, center, and right; top center Crown of St. Stephen; at either of Hungarian arms, an inverted, extinguished, smoking torch; four-line title inscription engraved across center of field, broken by images; relief legend surrounding edge NEM・HEGYLAK・TITEKET・ÁRVÁKUL・ELJÖVÖK・TIHOZZÁTOK・JÁNOS・XVI・ (I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.  John 14); engraved artist's signature OPVSZUTT —— PICTORIS to left and right of crown, respectively; date below arms-shield ・A・1914・D・; field flat with pearled rim; figures in low relief.

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The legend lettering on the reverse of the present example is less sharply cast than some examples examined online or in print (e.g. Klose, p. 246).  The obverse however is near perfectly cast and beautifully finished.  There is no significant wear or damage, thus the grade of "fast gussfrisch."