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1915, Cast Bronze, 45.2bb x 39.2mm, 18.75g, UNC, Ernsting WVZ 114b, unrecorded variety.  Henry Scott Goodman Collection

Heart-form with slightly concave field with remnants of graduated and raised edge. The image and script are raised sculpturally.

OBVERSE: On the grass covered ground a crucifix with an INRI plate at top leans back, and to the left. On the cross is Christ emanating aural light from his head; at the base rests a family of refugees. On the left is a little boy with hands raised in prayer; on the right is a young mother in three-quarter profile holding a baby. An old man with beard stands in profile facing left, he has his hands raised in prayer. He wears large boots and carries the family’s personal belongings on his back (pots, pans, baskets). In the exergue of the medal the raised script of 1914-15. The artist’s initials L G are located at the top on the triangular attachment.

REVERSE: An empty rectangular tablet. On the upper edge, diagonally from left to right, is a sword with its tip lowered and a wreath of leaves near its handle. On the left and right of the tablet are two eight-pointed stars. Raised script arches across the field from left to right and reads, ANDENKEN A. - D.WELTKRIEG (In Memory of the World War).

Rarity: R-8

Known Examples: 3 (1 silver, 1 bronze, 1 iron)
Number in Museum Collections: 1 (iron) located at Vienna, Kunsthistoriches Museum (Art History Museum).
Number in Private Collections: 2 (1 silver, 1 bronze)