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Memories of the world war


Silver, double-sided cast, stepped, 43mm x 38 mm (irregular heart-shaped, upper end pierced
inscribed, dated), 18.68g..  Ernsting WVZ113  Henry Scott Goodman Collection

Obverse: The field rises from the stepped edge to a flat surface; the picture motif is raised in relief. Above On a convexly raised lawn ground a Crucifix, placed slightly right of center, on the panel above the head of the corpus, an incuse INRI; from the right and standing in front of a cart overflowing with their only belongings an old, bearded man with hands raised in supplication, likewise from the left beside a scrawny tree a woman with a child in her arms and another leaning against her skirt, kneeling on the ground also supplicating with raised hands a girl (left) and a boy. In the lower exergue formed by the convex formed ground is a sword with the tip pointing to the left in two lines 1914 -1915, there at the upper left weakly legible L inscribed In the upper part raised L - G.

Reverse: Concave field with a double-stepped border; image motif with raised text. On the upper side of a broad-oval, convex (script) field with a border of leaves, a garland of leaves is shrunk through it: concave field with a double-stepped border; the image is raised and the script is raised. A garland of conifer needles is placed on the upper side of a broad oval, convex field with a border, with a sword inserted at an angle through it. Below the medallion, two lines of ANDENKEN A. D. WELTKRIEG, with a six-pointed star below; 800 stamped in the extreme bottom tip of the heart.

Rarity: R8 Unique in Silver

Private Collection (1 copy)

Literature: Wolf 1915, ill. p. 89 (VS): War and mourning jewellery * o.V.: o.T. (Gies, war jewellery); in: Die Plastik 6, 1916, H. 1, ill. plate 6 (VS) * (MC, 1916, p. 48, no. 532: appendix "refugees". silver)