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Title: University of Breslau
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Theodor von Gosen.  1911. 

UNIVERSITAS  /  VRATISLAVIENSIS (University of Beslau).  Cast yellow bronze, light-brown patina, 93.6 mm, 248.8 g.  Edge-punch C.POELLATH  SCHROBENHAUSEN.   Fast gussfrisch (near as-cast), few slight scratches to patina.

Obverse: Kaiser Wilhelm II half-length portrait in Breslauer Kürassierregiment (Breslau Cuirassier Regiment) uniform, head in profile to left; inscription GUILELMUS II  ——  IMP∙REX (William II Emperor) above shoulders, left and right, respectively; four-line inscription in exergue MAGNUS∙AB∙INTEGRO / SAECLORUM∙NASCITUR / ORDO∙TE∙DUCE / MCMXI (we praise the rebirth of a great sequence of the ages 1911); laurel garland surrounding entire edge within raised rim. 

Reverse: Robed female figure, right hand holding sword across lap, open book in left, riding on Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) stag striding to left; in background university building above which sun rises; inscription in field VERUM / SITIO  ——  SCIEN / TIAM / PROVEHO (the site of knowledge promotes truth) left and right, respectively; two-line title inscription in exergue; artists monogram interlaced TG lower center exergue; thick harvest garland encircling entire edge within raised rim.

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The University of Breslau was founded in 1811 through the union of the University of Frankfurt/Oder with the Breslau Jesuit College.  In the centenary year 1911 it was renamed the Schlesische (Silesian) Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität (Dziallus, p. 19). 

The image of the deer (or hart) as a symbol of the thirst for salvation represented by Science originates from Psalm 42 (Heidemann, p. 268): "Wie der Hirsch schreiet nach frischem Wasser, So schreiet meine seele Gott zu dir." (Luther Bibel); "As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God." (Authorized Version).