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Title: "Mars"
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Theodor von Gosen  1916 

("Mars")  INTER ARMA / SILENT MUSÆ (in time of war, the muses are silent).  Cast iron, blackened, 100.9 mm, 184.59 g.  Fast gussfrisch (near as-cast).

Obverse:  High relief, full length, en face "Mars" in Early-Modern period armor, standing on blank exergue, in right hand, broadsword pointed upward, in left, fiery torch, belt holding flail; in background, comet arcs above burning city, before its walls women bewail their misfortune. 

Reverse: Legend ・DER KÜNSTLERBUND SCHLESIEN SEINEN MITGLIEDERN IM KRIEGSJAHR 1916 (the Artist's Association of Silesia to its member in the war year 1916) around lined border; in background radiant sun rises above cloud bank; two-line title inscription upper field amid sun rays; artist's monogram entwined TG in exergue.

Cf: Dziallas, Paul.  1971.  Theodor von Gosen: Das Medaillenwerk, p. 23, no. 22 (not illustrated).

Cf: Sakwerda, Jan.  1993.  Theodor von Gosen: Medale / Medaillen, pp. 46, 80: no. 24 (illustrated).

One of four medals v. Gosen produced for the Künstlerbund Schlesien, which was founded in 1909 by v. Gosen and three colleagues, and on which he served as first chairman until 1930 (Dziallas, p. 23).  Signs and portents, such as comets, stars, zodiacal symbols, frequently figure in v. Gosen's medallic work.