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Title: Investigation 'Toolbox'
Post by: Henry Scott Goodman on July 26, 2014, 04:03:09 PM
Here is a list of my documents, catalogs, ephemera, etc., which might be beneficial in answering some questions about the material in question.

1)  The Gorny & Mosch Auktion 68 catalog
2)  The Hirsch Auktion 272 catalog and digital images of the Goetz material
3)  The Hirsch Auktion 284_285 catalog with digital images of the Goetz material
4)  The 1988 Guido Goetz/Gunter Kienast Recast Medal and Medallion Catalog
5)  Karl Goetz' medal cabinet that housed this material, and the ID placards placed in the cabinet by Guido to identify each item
6)  Correspondence from Gunter Kienast discussing and translating some of the Gorny & Mosch catalog material
7)  1981 "Medallic Portraits of Adolf Hitler" Colbert/Hyder Appendix letter from Guido Goetz

I was not compelled to drink the Hirsch auktion kool-aid and thus, do not own any of the material sold during auktion 272, nor the subsequent auktion 284/285 where unsold auktion 272 material was offered.  There are many questions regarding this material and I'll safely assume that we will not get much information from the dealers.  One tidbit I can share about auktion 272 though is that there were only THREE attendees at the live auktion, all dealers.  Anyone owning Goetz material from this auktion will be be integral to further investigation.  I've heard from some that medals, medallions, and 'models' had different measurements from BOTH auktion descriptions.

What can you provide to help us get to the bottom of this investigation?