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Title: To the returned warriors
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Esseö, Elisabeth (Erzsébet) von.  1919. 

DEN・HEIMGEKEHR/TEN・KRIEGERN・・/DIE・UNGAREN・IN/MVENCHEN・1919・ (to the returned warriors [from] the Hungarians in Munich 1919).  Cast bronze, blackened, 53.08 mm, 48.12 g; vorzüglich (extremely fine).  Rare.

Obverse: Slender woman, turned slightly to right, in full-length classical dress and with short classical hairstyle, playing violin. 

Reverse: Arms of Hungary top center; four-lined title inscription; bottom center, city arms of Munich; inscribed center left edge OP・ (opus); artist's monogram encircled, ligatured ƎЕ, center right edge.

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Although born and raised in Hungary, Elisabeth von Esseö lived and worked primarily in Munich.