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Title: "Verdun die Weltblutpumpe"
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Walther Eberbach

"Verdun die Weltblutpumpe"


1916, Blackened Cast Iron, 69.6mm, 62.9g., VZ , Frankenhuis 1502

Obverse : Death, near the place where a sword, of which only the hilt is visible, is sticking in the ground, pumping up blood. Legend, "Verdun die Weltblutpumpe" (Verdun the World's blood pump),

Reverse: Within a border of running blood, inscribed, "Sibir — Frankr. — Dahom. — Canad. Cap. — Indi — Russl. — Austrl. — Tonkg. — Algr. —Fidji — Engl." In shield, "Dem General Petain and seinen HilfsvOlker aus alien Welt 1916" (To General Petain and his auxiliary troops from all parts of the world). Across the shield, dripping blood.