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Title: German Oak
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Karl May.  1918. 

1914 —— 1918 .  Single-sided cast bronze, verdigris patina, 87 mm, 110.22 g.  Fast gussfrisch (near as-cast), small patina flaw on shield, scattered minor patina flaking.  Rare.

Sword and shield hanging centrally on trunk of stylized mighty oak, branches and roots covering almost entire field; title inscription year-date to left and right of trunk, respectively; artist's monogram, enclosed linked KM, at left under 1914.

Cf: Feldmann, Achim.  2012.  "Karl May: Bildhauer, Medailleur und Schmuckkünstler in München und Erlangen (Teil 2)", in: MGM Joker KG, Feiner und alter und antike Schmuck.  Aus Privatbesitz, Katalog XXI, München (2012), p. 6.

Likely designed immediately after cessation of hostilities, implements of battle proudly displayed, despite defeat, on the enduring German Oak.