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Title: Skagerrak
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Hans Lindl.  1916. 

ZUR SEESCHLACHT VOR DEM SKAGERRAK (at the sea battle near the Skagerrak).  Cast bronze, dark brown patina, natural verdigris, 73.1 mm, 138.83 g.  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).  Rare.

Obverse: In wavy rippling sea, German eagle, wings outspread, attacks swimming British bulldog; title legend upper edge; battle date 31 Mai 1916 in exergue; artist's initials H・ ——— L lower left and right respectively, above exergue; raised rim upper edge. 

Reverse: In wavy rippling sea, Death personified as giant skeleton to right, in short cape and wielding pole, swamps lifeboat  and occupants; three-funneled steamship left mid-distance; two-line inscription TODESKAMPF ZUR SEE / IM WELTKRIEG (death struggle at sea in the World War) in exergue; raised rim upper edge.

Cf: Schulman.  1918.  La Guerre Européenne, Catalogue LXX, p. 28: no. 343 (iron example).

Cf: Frankenhuis, M.  (1919?)  Catalogue of Medals - Medalets and Plaques Relative to the World War 1914 - 1919, p. 173, no. 1446.

Cf: Kluge, B., and B. Weisser.  2014.  Gold gab ich für Eisen, p. 159: no. A 82 (bronze example).

Cf: Klose, Dietrich O. A.  2016.  Europas Verderben 1914 1918: Deutsche und österreichische Medaillen auf den Ersten Weltkrieg, pp. 188: no, 12.19 (iron example).

One of four "Totentanz" medal designs produced by Lindl.  All were likely issued in both bronze and iron.  This medal celebrates the German High Seas Fleet's "victory" at the Battle of Skagerrak (=Jutland).
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If you know of one for sale, please let me know.