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Title: "Germany expects a just peace"
Post by: Haarmann on December 11, 2019, 01:27:54 PM

Oskar Alexander Kiefer - 1918, Cast Bronze Medallion, 88.0mm, 234.50g.

Obverse:  GERMANIA PACEM JVSTAM EXPECTAT  "Germany expects a just peace"  around perimeter.  German eagle, left, trapped under a heavy, knotted net with Wilhelm's crown on the right ground.  Exergue; "1918" bisected by the artists  interlaced makers mark 'K" encircled by an "O".

Reverse:  Text expresses the hope that a fair process will begin.

A rather poignant and submissive plea for fair treatment towards Germany after its WWI surrender.  Beautifully cast with a wonderfully smooth, mottled appearance (not from oxidation). 

This is an earlier trial piece (Unique?) than the example outlined, and misattributed to Karl Kiefer, in Europa Verderben, p.293: 23.13