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Title: In memoriam last king and queen of Bavaria
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Esseö, Elisabeth (Erzsébet) von.  1921.

LVDOVICVS∙III∙REX∙BAVARIAE∙ET∙REGINA∙MARIA∙TERESIA (Ludwig III King of Bavaria and Queen Maria Theresa).  Cast bronze, medium brown patina, 91.6 mm, 169.93 g.  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).  Rare.

Obverse: Side-by-side crowned busts of King and Queen in coronation robes to left; title legend encircling edge; artist's monogram encircled, ligatured ƎE at right, behind King. 

Reverse: Two armorial royal Bavarian lions on ground-line, right and left, supporting archaic funerary tripod, from bowl of which issue flame and smoke; legend IN ∙ MEMORIAM ∙ 5 ∙ NOV ∙ 1921 encircling edge above blank exergue; artist's monogram, encircled, ligatured ƎE left of center between legs of tripod.

Cf:  Huszár, Lajos, and Béla Procopius. 1932. Medaillen- und Plakettenkunst in Ungarn, p. 201: 1951.

Date on reverse is that of the ceremony marking the interment of the remains of the last King and Queen of Bavaria in the royal crypt of the Frauenkirche in Munich.  Ludwig III (1845 - 1921; reigned 1913 - 1918) and Maria Teresa, Duchess of Austria-Este (1849 - 1919) died in exile following the loss of their thrones in the Bavarian revolution of November 1918.