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Title: Military War Loans
Post by: Haarmann on November 09, 2013, 10:10:12 PM
Military War Loans

1917, Blackened cast iron, uniface, 67.5mm, 45.4g, XF, Ernsting WVZ 160a.  Henry Scott Goodman Collection

Slightly concave surface is framed by the wide and flat edge-line of the medal. Clearly defined lower exergue. Plastically raised script and image.

A wheeled platform loaded down with enormous bags of “radiant” gold is pulled by six men to the right. Two additional men assist by pushing the load. To their right are additional bags that were previously unloaded and lined up for weighing. Behind, on a large architectural block, stands an enormous balance scale, weights are to the left and gold bags are on the right. At its base a group of five men can be seen loading the gold onto the scale dish. Overlooking the entire process, while sitting on top of the scale, an almost perverse German eagle. In the exergue, script reading DEUTSCHE KREIGSANLEIHE 1914-1917 (German War Loans). At the bottom of the exergue lies a wreathed sword pointing to the right. The artist’s initials, L G, are located at the extreme top right of the exergue.

This satirical piece displays Gies' contempt with the amount of money Germany was spending, via war bond sales, for their involvement in WWI. Large bags full of millions in gold Marks dwarf the workers and are hauled, lifted, and weighed via manual labor by the common man. The German eagle sits pervertedly proud atop the scales.

This example is unique in iron among known examples.

Known Examples: 4 (3 bronze, 1 iron)

Number in Museum Collections: 3 (3 bronze); Number in Private Collections: 1 (iron)
Title: Re: Military War Loans
Post by: Redmikey on November 10, 2013, 12:08:14 AM
A stunning piece Mr Haarmann and now we also know who owns the iron one  ;)