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Title: Hunger und Not
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Hunger und Not
(Hunger and Need)

1917, Cast, broad oval, iron medal, 63.5mm X 60.0mm, Ermsting WVZ 154a, VZ, RRRR.  Henry Scott Goodman Collection

Obverse: Women engaged in the Polonaise ritual at a butcher and baker shop. Metzger-Bäcker

Reverse: A sword pointing left resting on a platter with a boule of peasant bread. Inscription: IM WIND UND WETTER / UMS LIEBE BROT / STEHN STILLE HELDEN / IN GROSSER NOT / 1917;

In wind and weather
Around loving bread
Stand quiet heroes
In great distress

Only two known examples;

Bronze - Wein (Vienna) Kunsthistoriches (Art History) Museum; Sammlung und Medaillen, Münzen und Geldzeichen II 30.721 (VS) und II 30.722 (RS)

Iron, this one, has not been seen since the following catalog listing was publish in 1918; La Guerre Européenne Medailles de Necessité Papiers-Monnaie. Insignes Destinctifs des Régiments; Lagerkatalog 70, J. Schulman, Amsterdam 3/1918, S. 183,, Nr. 1945;