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Title: Richard Strauss
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Maximilian Dasio.  1910. 

DR・RICHARD・STRAVSS・TONDICHTER・MCMX 𝄞 (Dr. Richard Strauss, composer 1910).  Cast yellow bronze, 67 mm,128 g.  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).

Obverse: Profile portrait head and collar to left; title legend large Roman capitals completely surrounding edge. 

Reverse: Naked Arion in profile to right, riding on classical-style dolphin and holding large archaic lyre in both hands; two lines of waves as border of exergue displaying artist's signature MAX・DAƧIO・PICT・ / ・MCMX・ ; legend MVSICA・OMNIVM・ARTIVM・SVPREMA・ (music of all arts supreme) arching around figure above exergue; laurel-garland edge border.

Cf: Weber, Ingrid S.  1985.  Maximilian Dasio 1864 - 1954: Münchner Maler Medailleur und Ministerialrat.  Staatliche Münzsammlung München, pp. 53 - 56: no. 46.

Cf: Heidemann, Martin.  1998.  Medaillenkunst in Deutschland von 1895 bis 1914. Die Kunstmedaille in Deutschland, Band 8, p. 205: no. 503.