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Title: Fountain of youth
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Maximilian Dasio.  1910. 

・ES[T] — SEMPITERNⱯFONS —— IVVENTVTIS —— AMOR (love is an endless fountain of youth).  Cast bronze, dark brown patina, 65.5 mm, 82.25 g.  Edge-punch № 5 20 (presumably cast 20 of design no. 5).  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).

Obverse: Left to right, standing in fountain basin, naked, bearded, stooped old man, supported by cane and crutch, to left; naked young man sits on fountain rim to right, reaching towards naked young woman climbing out of  fountain to right; atop central pedestal, large bowl with fountain water-works, two ornamental jets, topped by arrow-pierced heart; raised rim. 

Reverse: On ground-line two classically draped women at right and left, drape flower garlands on pedestal supporting sculpture of winged Amor with bow to right; title legend upper edge, divided by image as indicated; two-line artist's signature and date MAX DAƧIO PICTOR / OP・MCMX・ (Max Dasio artist / opus 1910) in exergue; triple-tiered border rim, center step contiguous with exergue.

Cf: Bernhart, Max.  1917.  Die Münchener Medaillenkunst der Gegenwart, pl. 4, no. 31 (obverse).

Cf: Weber, Ingrid S.  1985.  Maximilian Dasio 1864 - 1954: Münchner Maler Medailleur und Ministerialrat.  Staatliche Münzsammlung München, p. 96: no. 129 (p. 118, no. 184 describes boxwood model of reverse).

Cf: Heidemann, Martin.  1998.  Medaillenkunst in Deutschland von 1895 bis 1914. Die Kunstmedaille in Deutschland, Band 8, p. 334, 475 (ill): no. 1112.

Labeled by both Weber and Heidemann as a "Hochzeitsmedaille" (wedding medal), but without further details.