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Title: Preliminary cast for Ludwig Thoma medal
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Maximilian Dasio.  (1908). 

"Preliminary cast for reverse of medal honoring Ludwig Thoma (see below)".  Single-sided cast bronze, reddish patina, 71.8 mm, 71.16 g.  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).

Naked youth to right with right hand wielding six-thonged scourge, overpowers and plants left foot on the back of chimaera comprising lion's body with human breast and head bearing long hair-braid, now seized by youth; artist's signature MAX DAƧIO・ in exergue; pearled edge encircling rim.

Cf: Weber, Ingrid S.  1985.  Maximilian Dasio 1864 - 1954: Münchner Maler Medailleur und Ministerialrat.  Staatliche Münzsammlung München, p. 99: no. 137.

Obverse of the medal, honoring Bavarian writer Ludwig Thoma (1867-1921), was never cast, thus the finished medal never issued.  This design is one of four allegorical images cast by Dasio for reverse sides of medals not completed (Weber, pp. 98-99).  The connection of the image to Ludwig Thoma's life or writings is unknown.