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Title: ANDENKEN A.D. WELTKRIEG - East Prussian Flight
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Memories of the world war


1915, Cast Bronze two-sided oval medal, 41.5mm x 48.2mm, 22.5g, Gussfrisch, Edge-punched: C.Poellath, Schrobenh.  Ernsting WVZ 117, Henry Scott Goodman Collection

Broad oval with convex obverse surface and concave reverse surface; the image and script are raised sculpturally.

OBVERSE: A refugee family is gathered together with all of their belongings. An old man sits by the right edge, in profile and turned to the left. With his left hand he holds a full bag over his left shoulder and his right hand clasps his hat. His walking staff stands behind him. A little girl stands to his left and clasps her arms around the crook of his arm. At the left foreground a naked baby rests in its cradle next to a pitcher. A young woman stands to the far left and holds on to a little girl who is standing on boxes of belongings. To the right of the little girl sit three young boys. Higher on the belongings sits the mother holding a swaddled baby. A birdcage hangs from the branch of a dead tree that sticks forward from the tree. A small suitcase sits directly below the birdcage. On the lower exergue formed by the convex land, the artists initials, L G, can be found.

REVERSE:  A raised edge opens to a concave surface containing a centrally located tablet.  Within the raised edges of the tablet “ERİNNERUNG│AN DEN│WELTKRIEG”, a raised eight-rayed star at the top left.  Adorning the top of the tablet is an evergreen wreathed ribbon with a left facing pickelhaube.

Rarity: R-7

Known Examples: 5

Number in Museum Collections: 3

Munich, Staatliche Münzsammlung (National Coin Collection)
Ramat Aviv, Kadman Numismatic Museum
Stuttgart, Württembergisches Landesmuseum (Württemberg Regional Museum)

Private Collections: 2


Cast silver, oval convex uniface with incuse-reverse,  41.8mm X 49.3mm, 18.6g. UNIQUE.  Henry Scott Goodman Collection

OBVERSE:  Same as WVZ 117.

REVERSE:  Unfinished, incuse casting surface.

Reference and literature:

J(aumann, Anton): o.T. (Fugitive medals by Ludwig Gies); in: German Art and Decoration 37, 10/1915-3/1916, ill. p. 150 (VS): Oestpreuss. War refugees.  War commemorative coins and pendants in silver (no silver copy proven at that time).

On the content and dating, see WVZ 112, which, together with WVZ 115 to WVZ 120, forms part of a series of six works entitled "Remembrance of the World War", which deals with the flight of the East Prussian population from advancing Russian troops.