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Title: Medical Officer Dr Schlacht
Post by: Rabenauge on January 24, 2020, 03:41:27 AM

Georg(?) Leschnitzer.  1917. 

STABSARZT DR. SCHLACHT, CHEF DES GROSS BERLINER VERWUNDETEN TRANSPORTWESENS (Medical Officer Dr. Schlacht, Head of the Greater Berlin Transport System for the Wounded).  Cast iron, blackened, 100.0 mm, 367.05 g.  Vorzüglich - gussfrisch (extremely fine - as-cast).  Scarce.

Obverse: Profile portrait bust to left in military collar, close-cropped hair, small up-turned mustache, Schmisse (fraternity dueling-scars) left cheek; title legend around edge from lower left. 

Reverse: On ground line, two medical orderlies transport wounded man on legged, semi-reclining stretcher from left to right; upper center legend KRIEGSJAHRE (war years); inscribed year dates 1914  -  1917 in exergue under ground-line; pearled border.

Other than a listing from Leipziger Münzhandlung Heidrun Höhn,  Auktion 73, 12 January 2011, lot 489, I have to date (Jan 2020) found no other published record for this medal.  Neither have I seen any other medal made by Leschnitzer (presumably the Berlin sculptor Georg Leschnitzer) nor found any further information about Dr Schlacht.  Any additional information would be welcome.