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Title: St Barbara
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Jan Wysocki.  1914. 

SANCT — BAR= / BARA — ORA / PRO — NOB (St Barbara pray for us).  Cast bronze, dark brown patina, burnished highlights, 31.34 mm, 13.97 g.  Edge-punch KARL PÖLLATH  —  SCHROBENHAUSEN.  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).

Obverse: On low ground-line, haloed, crowned, and robed St Barbara standing contrapposto, in right hand an upright cannon barrel, in left the palm frond of martyrdom; three-line title inscription separated by figure, left and right respectively; above inscription ornamental scrollwork to either side of figure; artist's monogram incised intertwined IW lower left; pearled border separated by image within raised rim. 

Reverse: On a ground-line, heavy artillery piece aiming to upper left; at lower left, upright shell; legend ARTILLERIE — IM WELTKRIEG (artillery in the World War) around upper edge separated by image; year-date 1914 in exergue; raise rim.

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Artillery piece depicted on reverse is a Škoda 30.5 cm Mörser (siege howitzer), likely model 1911.

Saint Barbara, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, is the patron saint of mining and artillery, associated with the latter through fire, explosions, and sudden death, as visited on her pagan father by a lightning strike following his decapitation  of his daughter in reprisal for her conversion to Christianity.  The saint's patronage of artillery forces is found throughout the Western World.