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Title: Soldiers' center fund 1918
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Hans Schwegerle.  1918. 

IM — SOL- / DATEN / HEIM (in the soldiers' recreation center) (obv.);  FVER DIE/ ・SOLDATENHEIM- / SPENDE / 19 — 18 (in the soldiers' recreation center) (rev.).  Cast bronze, light-brown patina, 58.32 mm, 69.53 g.  Cast model.  Gussfrisch (as-cast), perfect condition.

Obverse: Soldier, full length, in Feldmütze, uniform, and boots, right foot on step, head lowered to his left, plays guitar; three-line title inscription as indicated on either side of figure; artist's signature H Schwegerle on step beneath soldier's right foot. 

Reverse: Four-line title inscription; handwritten in (barely legible) script below text Modell (indicates this example was a casting model as guide for production and finishing of further examples).

Cf: Hasselmann, Wolfgang.  2000. Hans Schwegerle - Medaillen und Plaketten, p. 176: 159.

Cf: Klose, Dietrich O. A.  2016.  Europas Verderben 1914 1918: Deutsche und österreichische Medaillen auf den Ersten Weltkrieg, p 310, 24.17 (example in iron).

This example from the estate of H. Schwegerle, then passing to  the collection of Wolfgang Hasselmann, author of the monograph cited above.  As a casting model, it is slightly larger than production casts (57.5 mm). 

38 examples produced in bronze, 12 in iron, 2 in silver, as one of a series of medals to be given for donations to the Bayerischer Landesausschuß für Soldatenheime München (Bavarian National Board for Soldiers' Recreation Centers, Munich)  (Hasselmann, p. 176 - 178).