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Title: Count Dohna-Schlodien
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Erzsébet (Elisabeth) von Esseö.  1916. 

∙KOM∙S∙M∙S∙MOEWE∙GRAF∙DOHNA∙SCHLODIEN∙ (Count Nikolaus zu Dohna-Schlodien, Commander of His Majesty's Ship Moewe [Gull]).  Cast iron, blackened, 83 mm, 146.6 g.  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).  Rare.

Obverse: Three-quarter profile portrait in uniform cap to right, title legend upper edge; artist's monogram, encircled ligatured ƎE lower right. 

Reverse: Eyed and winged ship on waves to left, smoke trailing to right, flag flying to left (!); two six-pointed stars in sky; artist's monogram lower left; legend ∙ANNO∙D∙MCMXVI∙ (AD 1916) lower edge.

Cf: Schulman.  1919.  La Guerre Européenne, Catalogue LXXV, p. 97: 890, pl. XX (bronze example).

Cf: Huszár, Lajos, and Béla Procopius. 1932. Medaillen- und Plakettenkunst in Ungarn, p. 200: 1930 (examples in iron and Kriegsmetall).

Second example: Cast bronze, 86 mm, 207.3 g; vorzüglich (extra-fine).  Rare.

Obverse: similar to example above, but portrait more in direct profile to right; artist's monogram center left. 

Reverse: as above.

Of these two examples, the bronze is the finer cast, exhibiting much greater detail.  Aside from size, there are also subtle differences in obverse images: iron example has portrait turned slightly more to left (compare, for example, position of subject's ear in relation to back of head); artist's monogram appears below chin of iron portrait, but behind head on bronze.

Count Dohna-Schlodien was the commander of the very successful commerce raider Moeve and is commemorated on a number of German First World War medals.