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Title: For Italian loyalty
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Walther Eberbach.  1916.

FÜR∙LATEINISCHE∙BUNDES∙ / TREUE / 1915 / TRIENT 1916 FRIAUL (for Latin [=Roman] alliance-loyalty 1915 - 1916, Trento, Friuli).  Cast iron, lightly blackened, 70 mm, 92 g.  Edge-punched DS 84  54 (indicating [Freunde der] Deutsche Schaumünze 84, [cast number] 54).  Vorzüglich (extremely fine), light spotting of finish.

Obverse:  Death, portrayed as a skeleton kneeling on left leg, strangles the Roman Wolf; four-line title inscription in exergue; artist's monogram interlaced EW∙ upper left; raised rim. 

Reverse: Within a double-lined edge, a pentagonal cartouche formed of "vertebral" borders; five-line inscription AN / SIDNEY / SONNINO / DEN∙REDEGE / WANDTEN (to Sidney Sonnino the eloquent); Edelweiss bloom below inscription; raised rim.

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The Edelweiss is likely a reference to the Alpine region around Trento (Triente).

Eberbach also produced this medal in bronze, possibly immediately after war's end when restrictions on bronze were lifted.

When the terms of the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, formed in 1882) expired in 1915, Italy secretly concluded the Treaty of London with the Triple Entente (Great Britain, France, Russia), enticed by the promise of postwar territorial gains, including Trento and Friuli and adjacent areas under Austro-Hungarian control.  Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sydney Sonnino sanctioned the secret treaty, and Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary in May 1915 and Germany in August 1916.