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Title: Our Cavalry
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Wilhelm Hejda.  1917. 

VNSERE KAVALLERIE (our cavalry).  Struck zinc, 90.55 mm, 228.35 g.  Vorzüglich (extremely fine), with almost no evidence of corrosion commonly observed on zinc medals.

Obverse: Filling entire field right to left, charging cavalryman on spirited mount draws his sword; in foreground, genius of victory, largely concealed behind a furled flag with spearpoint finial and laurel wreath, reaches up proffering victor's laurels; title inscription on undulating banner lower right; artist's signature W∙HEJDA9/1916(?) upper right edge; raised rim. 

Reverse: Within three concentric dashed circles, Greek cross, arms marked with vertical lines (denoting red in standard heraldic monochrome representation), each bearing year date: 1914 (left), 1915 (top), 1916 (right), 1917 (bottom); blank center square with letters KKB; between arms of cross, radiances of wavy lines and jagged angles; surrounding cross within raised dashed rim legend ♦︎ROTES KREUZ-KRIEGSHILFSBÜRO-KRIEGSFÜRSORGEAMT (Red Cross; War Assistance Office; War Welfare Office).

Cf: Schulman.  1919.  La Guerre Européenne, Catalogue LXXIII, p. 77: 762 (iron[?]).

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Cf: Die Medaille der Ostmark.  1938.  Wiener Bund für Medaillenkuns, p. 16, no 19.

One of a series of donation medals for the three relief organizations, all with the same pattern on reverse and with obverses designed by various medallists with images or allegories of various military service branches.