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Title: Sacred egoism
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Edmund Otto.  (1916) 

IL・SACRO・EG-OISMO (sacred egoism).  Cast iron, 56.6 mm, 54.46 g, edge-punch GUSS AKT・GES・GLADENBECK・  —  DS 65  55 (indicating [Freunde der] Deutsche Schaumünze 65, [cast number] 55).  Vorzüglich (extremely fine): slight spotting of finish, particularly on reverse.

Obverse: An ibex (Steinbock) to left butts his head against a cliff face at left; legend around right edge; inscription DOLOMITEN (Dolomites) in exergue; artist's signature EDMVND OπO along left edge. 

Reverse:  Two-line inscription DEM GRAFEN / CADORNA (to Count Cadorna) above outline engraving of heavy mortar.

Cf: Kluge, B., and B. Weisser.  2014.  Gold gab ich für Eisen, p. 166.
Cf: Klose, Dietrich O. A.  2016.  Europas Verderben 1914 1918: Deutsche und österreichische Medaillen auf den Ersten Weltkrieg,  p. 138: 10.17.

Mocks Count Luigi Cadorna's 1915 offensives, all of which failed to take the Fortress of Gorizia.  "Sacred egoism" was Prime Minister Antonio Salandra's justification for his secret conclusion in April 1915 of the Patto di Londra (London Pact) and Italy's renunciation of the Triple Alliance (with Austria-Hungary and Germany) in May.  Italy hurriedly entered what it presumed would be a short war on the side of the Allies in return for promises of territorial concessions.