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Title: With God for Kaiser and Reich (Karl Menadier)
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Lotte Benter.  (1916?). 

・MIT・GOTT・FÜR・KAISER・UND・REICH・.  Cast iron medal, blackened;  105.15 mm, 427.01 g; rim-punch DS 178  8 (indicating [Freunde der] Deutsche Schaumünze 178, [cast number] 8).  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).

Obverse: High relief profile bust of young reserve-lieutenant in peaked cap to left; title legend encircling upper rim; artist's signature LOTTE / BENTER lower right. 

Reverse: High relief profiles of three women of varying ages knitting, one seated, one standing, facing right, one seated opposite, facing left.

Cf: Steguweit, W.  1998.  Das Münzkabinett und die Förderung der Medaillenkunst: Künstlerbriefe 1914-1918 Medaillenedition (Das Kabinett 5), p. 97: 9; pl. 2 (example without edge-punch).
Cf: Kluge, B., and B. Weisser.  2014.  Gold gab ich für Eisen, pp. 98 - 99.
Cf: Klose, Dietrich O. A.  2016.  Europas Verderben 1914 1918: Deutsche und österreichische Medaillen auf den Ersten Weltkrieg, p. 240: 18.3.

The obverse of this medal is a portrait of Karl Menadier, son of Julius Menadier (Director of the Berlin Münzkabinett), who died as a result of typhus on the Eastern Front in December 1914.  The knitting women engaged in War Samaritan Service on the reverse are the mother, sister, and bride of Karl Menadier (Kluge, op. cit.).   An excellent example of Benter's strongly modeled sculptural work, markedly different than that of most other medallists of the period.