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Title: Crown Prince Rupprecht
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Richard Klein  1914 

RVPPRECHT  KRON  -——  PRINZ V・BAYERN (obv) / DIE — BAYERN — IM WELTKRIEG (rev) (Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria / Bavarians in the World War).  Cast bronze, light-brown patina, 85.3 mm, 212.48 g.  Vorzüglich (extremely fine).

Obverse: Bust profile portrait to right; lower center Bavarian state arms; title legend around edge; artist's initials RK center left; raised rim. 

Reverse: Full-length en face soldier wearing Pickelhaube prepares to fight, head turned to right, legs braced apart, right arm extended, hand holding a rifle, left hand rolling up his right shirt sleeve; behind him the royal Bavarian lion charges to right; title legend around upper edge; date 1914 in exergue; raised rim.

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