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Title: Dr Neisser
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Theodor von Gosen.  1915. 

ALBERT  ———  NEISSER / 60  ———  JAHRE (60 years [old]).  Cast bronze, light brown patina, 91.6 mm, 230.56 g.  Edge-punch C.POELLATH (double-stamped)   SCHROBENH..  Vorzüglich+ (extremely fine+).

Obverse: Half-length profile portrait in academic gown to right; two-line title inscription across center divided by image; double-lined rim. 

Reverse: Full-length en face naked youth, head turned to right proper, in upraised left hand, burning torch, in lowered right hand a flaming sword point downward, right foot on head of small dragon dead on ground line behind which radiant sun rises; legend DEM FORSCHER ・ DEM LEHRER ・ DEM FREUNDE (to the scientist, to the instructor, to the friend) upper edge; artist's monogram, interlaced TG, separating year date 19 — 15 in exergue; double-lined rim.

Cf: Dziallas, Paul.  1971. Theodor von Gosen: Das Medaillenwerk, p. 21, no 18 (ills. obverse/reverse unnumbered plates).

Cf: Sakwerda, Jan.  1993. Theodor von Gosen: Medale / Medaillen, p. 45, no. 20; ill. p. 77. 

Dr Albert Ludwig Sigesmund Neisser (1855  - 1916) was famous primarily for the discovery of the causative agent for gonorrhea Neisseria gonnorrhoeae, named in his honor.  He also contributed significantly to research on leprosy and syphilis.  The medal honors his 60th birthday.