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Title: Skagarrak
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Fritz Hörnlein - 1916

Silvered Cast Iron Medallion, 78.1mm, 127.8g. Edge-Punch: HÖRNLEIN  Frankenhuis 792, MK Dresden 3047, Arnold/Fischer 140.  Ex Pellegrini Collection

Obverse:  Reichsadler above in attack position assisting two Triton (mermen) in ocean battle throwing spears and shooting arrows, all right.

Reverse:  SKAGERRAK 31•5• 1•6•1916, F.H. below, all within perimeter wreathed border.

Battle of Jutland, this medal commemorates the major naval battle of WWI that cost 10,000 dead sailors.

Rare, especially in silvered high grade. 

Grade: Gussfrisch (As Cast)
Title: Re: Skagarrak
Post by: NetJohn on April 13, 2020, 09:50:01 PM
If anyone knows of one available for purchase, please let me know.