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Sea Battle

1915, Cast bronze uniface/incuse reverse, broad oval, 39.4mm x 67mm, 32.7g, UNC, Ernsting WVZ 109.  Henry Scott Goodman Collection

A convex surface with raised, tri-graded edge; the image and script are raised plastically.

Floating on moving wave lines are two huge fish that rush from the left and right towards each other. The fish on the right is belching forth water. On the backs of the two fish stand tightly bunched groups of fighters with pikes and battle banners. Below, on a rectangular tablet, is the title SEE GEFECHT (Sea Battle). Just below this plate are the artist’s initials. L. G..

In a lovely medieval dramatization of a sea battle Gies has highlighted his preferred allegorical representation of war events.

Rarity: R-7

Known Examples: 7 (5 bronze, 1 silvered bronze, 1 iron)

Number in Museum Collections: 5 (4 bronze)

Number in Private Collections: 2 (1 bronze, 1 iron)