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Catalog of the M. Frankenhuis Collection
« on: December 15, 2013, 12:53:11 PM »
For the most part, almost any of the Secessionist medals, and any other WWI medals, were to be found in Frankenhuis' collection.  If you are interested in a general overview of his collection it is to be found easy enough by Googling his name. 

Our purpose here is to provide you access to this nearly unobtainable reference catalog.  I myself have been working from a hard copied, xeroxed, and poorly OCR'd version from the late 90's.  This digital and searchable copy of the collection catalog is far easier to read and search.  It is also downloadable for your convenience.

Secessionist Medals hopes this document will open more doors to your collecting interests.  Enjoy!

This document is 130 pages in length and although in PDF format, takes time to open up completely from our slow servers.  We suggest that you begin opening and minimize your window until it is complete.  We would then suggest that you save the 42MB copy to your computer for future reference.

Collection M. Frankenhuis. Catalogue of Medals, Medalets and Plaques Relatives to the World War 1914-1919
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Re: Catalog of the M. Frankenhuis Collection
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This has been extremely helpful in my research.  Thank you very much for the link!